Top 5 Fun Fused and Stained Glass Projects for Spring 2022...According to Oma Jen

Top 5 Fun Fused and Stained Glass Projects for Spring 2022...According to Oma Jen

Those of us who live in "seasonal" climates must celebrate new seasons! Spring is especially exciting when the winter has finally given way to new beginnings. Fresh ideas in garden art happen every year and add to the organic nature of the plants. Just like creating and tending a garden, we find ways to add our art for a unique signature. Fused glass, stained glass, and a few combinations of both with a pinch of beaded crystals and charms can spice up any garden. The following 5 glass art forms will make a debut in my gardens.

1. Art Glass Fused/Stained Glass Tree Jewelry:   Fused glass Dragonflies, Bees, Butterflies, and flowers  compliment crystals and stained glass. The colors and sparkle hanging from the trees create quite an enchanting experience.

2. Fused/Stained Glass Windchimes:  The beauty of the glass is visually satisfying, but windchimes add an extra enhanced quality of sound.

3. Art Glass/Fused Glass/Stained Glass Suncatchers:  Sunlight streaming through beautiful colors in glass catch the eyes of visitors and compliment the colors of flowers and blooming foliage.

4. Fused Glass dishes:  Springtime lunch served on the deck or patio with spring colors in glass plates, salad bowls, sushi sets and serving trays make the setting as colorful as spring blooms.

5. Iridized Glass Creatures: We cannot forget nightime interest in the garden and glass with iridized enhancement shimmers with color in moonlight. Creatures such as dragons, fairies, and other fused glass garden friends add to the night garden.

Welcome spring at!

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